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Europa Organizations
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(successor to the CEPT for issuing Europa stamps)

Europa The main portal to the European Union website

CE The Council of Europe

Parliament The European Parliament

Consilium Consilium: Council of the EU

UPU Universal Postal Union

NC The Nordic Council

OSCE Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

NATO The NATO portal

Europalia Europalia International Arts Festival

JOY Joy of Europe annual children's celebration

The Glossary section in the members area has many more useful links.

Europa Dealers

The following dealers have been cited by ESU members as a good resource.
Names preceded by a * are also ESU members

* Glenn Roehrig (see Glenn on delcampe as "glennr3", and eBay as "glennr2")

* Alain Thibert (eBay id "poledi")

Other Links

Europa-Stamps - the definitive weblog
Euro-Phila - a Europa blog from the Czech Republic  

nordic portalTop of the World The Nordic Countries postal site (currently offline)
sepac Small European Postal Administrations Cooperation
EuroMedEuroMed stamps Postal Union of the Mediterranean (aka PUMed)

Images of Europa stamps
Flags of the EU et al.

APS Affiliate MemberAPS  American Philatelic Society
ATA Affiliate MemberATA  American Topical Association

 IGPC  Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation
 JSIS  Joint Stamp Issues Society
 NEOFILA  Stamps from Africa, Oceania and Eastern Europe
 Old World Archaeological Society
 United Nations Philatelists - the title says it all

 Stamp News Online  Mekeels & Stamps Magazines, and US Stamps
StampOnTheWeb  A Portal of Philately containing numerous links
 Virtual Stamp Club a treasure trove of information
WOPA World Online Philatelic Agency  A Portal of Stamp Issuing Countries w/ stamps at face value *new*

FSU - stamps of the former Soviet Union
Glossary of Philatelic Terms compiled by Linns Stamp News

The Europe Portal from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Articles of Interest

The EUROPA topic - not just the annual issues

One Way to Organize a Europa Collection - a suggested approach to grouping Europa and Europa-related material

Europa-related Cinderella Issues - what is a 'cinderella' anyway? What are the Europa ones?

Guide to Stamp Collecting - a nice introduction to the hobby, presented by "Swagbucks." (You don't have to buy anything.)

Make Your Own Album Pages - Using MS Word

Make Your Own Album Pages - Using PowerPoint

Beginning Exhibitors Brochure - How to organize a stamp exhibit

Estate Planning for Philatelists - Things to consider for your heirs