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  1. In the Rogers 'EUROPA' catalog (circa 1963) he lists 4 stamps of Yugoslavia as being issued for (or perhaps related to) the Postal Congress of the Balkan Entente. They were issued on 6 September 1939, and show various ships. Scott has the set listed as numbers B90 thru B93, but says the set was issued for the Navy and Merchant Marine. The surtax aided a marine museum. The ships pictured on the stamps are certainly consistent with that (see attached illustration from Scott). D'Urso makes no mention of it. Does anyone have access to a Michel catalog (or any other catalog for that matter) to see how it's listed there? Did Rogers make a mistake? Since Rogers has been out of print for over 35 years it's a little late to be asking, but perhaps someone out there knows the answer....Dana Roper

    • My Michel (apologies to the Beatles) says: 1939, 6 Sept. PostkongreB des Balkan-bundes: 20. Jahrestag der 1. Flaggenhissung auf Kriegsschiffen Jugoslawiens. StTdr.; gez. K 11 1/2:11 3/4. This seems to be more consistent with the Rogers version, however I don't read German... Chuck Hall
    • Translated: Postal Congress of the Balkans - 20th Anniversary of the first flag hoisting on a Jugoslavian warship... Fran Adams
    • The Internet is incredible. I already have my answer, from two of you no less. Thanks very much to Chuck and Tonny, who both looked up what Michel had to say. Tonny said the Michel catalog did indeed list a double reason for the issue: 1) issued for the Postal Congress of the Balkan States and 2) it was also for the 20th anniversary that the Yugoslavian flag was used on marine ships.
      Thanks again everybody! I'm guessing that the stamps were issued in conjunction with the Congress, and they used the occasion as an opportunity to raise funds for the Maritime Museum. ..Dana Roper

  2. This is a little off the beaten path, but here goes. The illustration shows a fdc of the Great Britain 1991 Europa issue. I am a STAR TREK fan, so the cancellation caught my eye. It depicts the Enterprise of Star Trek- The Next Generation (NCC-1701-D). The Benham cachet cites the Star Trek theme, but the illustration - at least as far as I can tell - has nothing to do with STAR TREK. Can someone tell me what it is? I am not a Dr.Who expert, but could it be a TARDIS? .. Dana Roper

    • OK, a quick Google search would seem to confirm that it is not a TARDIS. Not even close. So, can anyone say what it is? I brought this up at the APS stamp show meeting and no one had any idea. .. Dana Roper

    • I thought I would contribute a little and I have an answer to Q2 in the Questions and Answers section. Looking at the image on a similar Benham cover I believe the image is of Sputnik 3. Sputnik 3 was a Soviet satellite launched on 15 May 1958 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan by a modified R-7/SS-6 ICBM. The scientific satellite carried a large array of instruments for geophysical research of the upper atmosphere and near space. Sputnik 3 was the only Soviet satellite launched in 1958.
        Here's a copy of the image of the alternative cover: .. Daren Fairhurst

    • Deleted

    • The following was received from ESU member Myron Kavalgian.
      “I collect 1960 Europa FDCs. That year there were 20 countries with 36 stamps among them.
      My problem is that I continually find new covers I don't have. Is there a reference or an "official" count somewhere that says how many covers there are, were made, etc.? I now have 160 covers - all different! And no end in sight... I see new ones constantly on Ebay, for sale at stamp club meetings and stamp shows. And I'm not even counting the private FDC's made for friends, etc. from a variety of countries, especially the UK. Any assist will be appreciated.” (NOTE: see Myron's article in Europa News #405)
      If you can help, please send your response to Myron at
      • Myron has stopped collecting. Thanks to all.

    • The following was also received from ESU member Myron Kavalgian.
      I recently purchased a mint Liechtenstein 356 (1960 Europa) that was a reprint, marked on the back"nachdruck" that it was a fake. I knew that when I bought it and didn't pay a lot for it. In fact paid about $2.00. Do you have any idea when these were printed? Why would someone bother? Why not sell them in sheets? Strange... I realize the real stamp MNH is expensive as are the FDC's or if you are lucky enough to get a commerical cover. The last fake I ever saw was Germany C35-C37, a long time ago when I was collecting the country. Do you have any additional information? Thanks.
      • I know that there are fakes of this issue, but have never seen one. There is a "fakes and forgeries" society that might be of help but I don't know their contact person. A google search may reveal it.... Don Smith
      • The original stamp catalogues in the Scotts 2012 at $45.00. That may have been some incentive, but as to who did it - I have no idea.... Caroline Scannel

    • The following was received from ESU director Caroline Scannel.
      Does anyone have any information about a CEPT meeting that took place in Malmo, Sweden on 10 December 1975?  I have a cover.
      • The stamp is the 1975 Sweden issue to commemorate the centennial of the International Metric Convention — Scott# 1121, Michel# 703 — so it is not Europa. The cancellation is another story, of course. It is not listed in D’Urso for the simple reason that D’Urso was out of print by then. Can anyone shed some light on this meeting? ... Dana Roper
      • I have found out that a “CEPT Extraordinary - Commission “Télécommunications”” meeting was held in Malmo, Sweden on the 10-12 December 1975. ... Susanne Have, European Communications Office - CEPT

    • The following was received from ESU member Gary Jones.
      I’m searching for supplemental pages for my White Ace Europa collection binders, now that White Ace no longer produces them……I believe their last year of production was 2006.
      Does anyone have any information on any other producer of Europa pages that would fit?
      • Try a company called Album Pages; its owner Rick Simpson. He's at
        He's made pages for me (France art) with appropriate titles on the pages, spaces with Scott numbers and they were reasonable and good.
        He can make pages Scott style, Minkus style or a 3 hole page. ...Myron Kavalgian

    • The following was received from ESU member Bill Armstrong.
      I have one MNH copy of the 1975 Andorra 0.80 (Fr) stamp - Michel(s) #264 - Scott #236, with "all" black missing. What do I have?
      • There is no listing in Michel CEPT 2012 or in Andorra (Michel). So it probably is a color missing stamp. Most of the time ( depending on the rarity ) they go for about $50.00. ... Tonny VanLoij

    • The following was received from ESU member Dennis McGorman.
      I would like to know where I might get hold of a 1996 Krajina pair of Europa stamps (MI 59-60?). I have seen them used but not mint which I prefer.
      • Dennis, your best bet is to check an auction site. These are not listed in Scott and hard to find, but they are out there. E.g.

        eBay yielded quite a few hits. Try searching under stamps for Europa+1996+Croatia. I got 30 results, of which 10 were the stamps you are after. e.g. a dealer in Hungary wanted $24 plus $6 shipping. I did not check delcampe, but the results should be similar. ... Dana Roper

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